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Grammarly for Microsoft Word is Now

Get Grammarly’s real-time writing suggestions in Word as you’re writing. No complicated setup, no copying and pasting — just better, clearer writing.

Grammarly is meant to suit seamlessly into the writing process for anyone using Microsoft Word on macOS. Suggestions will appear within the right margin of your document, and you’ll apply them to your text with a click of your mouse. better of all, Grammarly’s comprehensive writing feedback reaches way beyond grammar and spelling, so your document are going to be polished, clear, and interesting .

  • Fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues

Whether you’re always second-guessing yourself about commas otherwise you struggle with homophones like affect and effect, Grammarly helps lookout of mistakes that would cause you to look but polished.

  • Streamline wordy sentences

Grammarly helps you rephrase and eliminate unnecessary words to form your work clearer and faster to read.

  • Clarify confusing sentences

Long, meandering sentences with complicated structures are often hard to follow, even when they’re grammatically correct. Grammarly helps you clarify and simplify, so your reader can consider your message.

Grammarly also offers Premium features to assist cause you to keep your readers interested and engaged together with your work. Vocabulary suggestions assist you explain your thoughts in vivid, precise language, and tone suggestions assist you find the proper level of politeness, confidence, and ritual .

Grammarly for Microsoft Word makes it simple to compose clear, effective writing.